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"I enjoy each time my visit .They are really professionals and caring staffed. I 'm very pleased with Brooke and her assistance. I highly recommended their service . Thank you!"
Oct 15, 2022
"I knew what I was getting into when I got this second knee replacement. I went to Jacksonville PT before and was pleased to see them for therapy again. The staff is SO NICE, yet professional, patient, and understanding of each phase of my recovery. My therapist, Brooke, gave me more challenging exercises gradually as I got stronger. By the end of therapy I had NO surgical pain. Yes, I’ll need to continue working on strength, balance and flexibility for at least a year, but I’m no longer debilitated from constant pain, avoiding stairs, and downsizing plans for trips and vacations. Thank you, Jacksonville Physical Therapy for your excellent care!"
Jun 07, 2022
"I had to spend several weeks in therapy and I chose JPT because it's very close to where I work and now won't go anywhere else for physical therapy. The staff are great people! Very personable and attentive. They know when to push and when to back off. I've come a long way and WOULD NOT be here if it wasn't for them! I love them for helping me and being very encouraging when I felt like I couldn't or wouldn't get any better. I highly recommend them to anyone."
Feb 02, 2022
"Well trained, caring therapists and staff."
Oct 27, 2021
"Awesome doctors and staff. Treat you like family and will get you back on track. They truly care about each patient. I highly recommend JPT!"
Apr 14, 2021

What Others Are Saying

"It was necessary for me to spend several weeks in physical therapy here. I was more than pleased. The staff was friendly and my therapist Boyd Hilliard was caring, concerned and determined to ease my ailment. I highly recommend their services."

- T. H.

"I enjoy going each time! They're a great team. They really care about you and make sure you're doing okay, they explain everything and ask how you're feeling. I highly recommend them!!"

- Courtney W

"Have had therapy with them for about 2 months...they don't force you to do what you can't do but encourage you..letting you know it will get better in time..I've wanted to give up several with you one on one..they care, I'm moving and won't keep PT with them..but was reassured if I ever had any questions I could come by or call..hard work but they make it fun as well. I'll miss you guys, thank you for helping me."

- Tracie W

"Fantastic people!"

- Anne M

"Great staff!"

- Emily K

"Great facility! I've been a patient and employee. Amazing therapist and staff!"

- Kell C

"I wouldn't go anywhere else. They have helped me when others couldn't. Now if I need PT, I ask to go there."

Gena N

"Great staff of dedicated therapists. I would highly recommend them."

- Bruce S

"Being a year-round athlete I appreciate all the staff keeping me in tip-top shape. The facilities are awesome, and the people are even better. Out of all the clinics in Arkansas, they are for sure the best"

- Alex G

"Love all the staff, they work you hard but getting better by the week. Highly recommend"

Tony H

"I’ve been going here off and on for several years. Kathy is awesome and all the staff are wonderful too!"

Amy T