Sports Medicine

Sports related injuries require specialized care to promote optimum healing. Whether you are a weekend jogger or tennis player, a professional soccer player or marathon runner, a child or senior citizen, or even a musician or actress, trauma to the muscles and joints can limit or prevent your participation in these activities. To provide proper diagnosis and prevent future injuries, Jacksonville Physical Therapy specializes in techniques which will allow you to return to full, effective function safely and quickly.

Jacksonville Physical Therapy offers diagnosis and treatment of all athletic injuries plus pre-sports participation exams. Inpatient treatment and surgical procedures are done by your referring physicians. Arthroscopy, a microsurgical technique, is often employed to repair joints while traditional reconstructive surgery is used for musculoskeletal damage. Other treatments include custom-made orthotics, braces, sports splints and personalized home rehabilitation programs. Staff members also consult with high school and university coaches and offer second opinions. Seminars focusing on prevention and the latest treatment methods are conducted regularly for coaches, trainers, and physicians.

Real Sports Medicine - Making Personal Injuries a Less Painful Ordeal

The paperwork hassles that come with a personal injury can only add to the pain that you are going through. But we can relieve your physical pain as well as provide mental relief by helping you deal with insurance companies and your personnel department. We have many years of personal injury expertise. We can provide you with out-of-work documentation and with work fitness evaluations. And for victims of auto injuries, we will work with your attorney and will accept your case on assignment, if possible.

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